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Hey guys! So we here at Stoked&Woke Clothing were thinking, how can we be sure that Eco-Fashion really is Eco-Fashion and that our clothes really meet the standard of social responsibility and environmental protection?
A friend of ours recently pointed out that the term “sustainability” or “sustainable product” really can be used by anyone and for anything since the term itself is not regulated. These buzz words are often used in nicely curated marketing messages to drive sales but are far from sustainable, whether socially or environmentally.

We here at Stoked&Woke Clothing want to change the way the fashion industry is doing their dirty business by helping you make conscious and good decisions when buying clothes. Therefore, we collected an array of well known Quality seals in this blog post so you can see what you are putting your money towards. All of the seals guarantee that you are buying textiles that have been produced in an ecologically and a socially responsible manner and are not only free of harmful substances but also of high quality.
So go ahead and give it a read. You’ll be familiar with most of them as we here at Stoked&Woke Clothing use them as well.



  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100

It is one of the well-known Quality certifications here in Austria and Germany. Products at all processing stages along the textile value chain (fibers, yarns, fabrics, leather) are tested and checked for potential harm to our health. They also take it upon themselves to make sure production facilities are socially and environmentally sound. 



  • Soil Association Organic Standard


The Soil Association developed the world's first organic standards concerning production of food and textiles. It is widely known in the UK and ensures animal welfare, protection of human health and safeguarding of the environment.



  • Fairtrade

Surely most of you have seen this symbol before. As the name already implies “Fairtrade” means that buyers and manufactures of goods treat each other fairly. This includes better prices for small families and decent working conditions for workers on plantations in developing and emerging countries. Fairtrade Standards also include responsible treatment of the environment.
Pretty good deal if you ask me.



  • Naturtextil - IVN certified BEST

This is the seal of the “International Association of the Natural Textile Industry”. This is the standard with the highest demands on textile ecology. It shows the entire textile production chain from an ecological and socially responsible point of view.


  • Global Organic Textil Standard (GOTS)


The Global Organic Textile Standard ( GOTS ) is internationally the most established standard that sets the global benchmark for environmental and social compatibility when it comes to textiles. A GOTS certified product has a minimum of 70% organic cotton, strict regulations regarding dyes, sustainable agriculture and wastewater treatment. The social standards of the seal stand for fair and permanent employment, no child labour and payment of living wages.
Every year, factories and production facilities are being checked by independent certification bodies to ensure that everyone abides to the standards.



  • Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)

Is an independent multi-stakeholder organisation that works with textile brands and textile workers to improve labour conditions. The criteria are based on the standards of the International Labour Organization and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. They stand for appropriate working hours and remuneration, freedom of assembly, no forced or child labour and safe working conditions. Just stuff we are taking for granted here in the developed world but unfortunately is still somewhat of a privilege in the developing countries.
So every fashion label that has been awarded the Fair Wear label has made it their mission to check its producers and suppliers themselves, which is pretty great. But the FWF also carries out random checks, just in case.


  • Earth Positive




Organic, Ethical and Climate Neutral.
Earth Positive produces according to the GOTS, FWF and Oeko-Tex standards, so pretty much all of the ones mentioned before. On top of it, the seal also means that the products are packaged in an environmentally friendly manner and never transported by air.

At the end of the day it is us consumers that are in power. If we put our money towards socially and environmentally responsible companies and products, we can not only change the life's of millions of workers but also have a significant and positive impact on our environment!