We Love that our brand name is pretty self explanatory!

STOKED definition- "Excited or Euphoric"

WOKE definition- "Perceived awareness of issues concerning social and racial injustice"

STOKED&WOKE.. combining the two simply means, living our lives doing the things we love or are EXCITED about while not forgetting to stay WOKE or aware to how our actions can sometimes cause a negative impact on society or our environment. Everyone can find a good balance, its just up to us to choose between right and wrong!

Stoked&Woke Clothing was born in the beautiful Alps of Austria solely on the principles of Streetwear minus the sweatshops and environmetally damaging manufacturing processes. Realizing it's still all too common for Streetwear brands to be exploiting workers and polluting our Planets Environment the question became obvious.. What can we do?

This is how the Stoked&Woke movement was started. We wanted to create a Clothing line that will provide the Streetwear enthusiasts with a quality Garment, made only from premium Organic Cotton or other sustainable materials made in ethical conditions and removing any possibility of pollution through these key factors.

  • Our textile suppliers are WRAP or FAIRWEAR certified meaning they meet the global standards of ethical manufacturing providing their workers with fair wages and great working conditions.
  • Less Than two years in and we have already achieved having 99% of our clothing range Made from either Organic Cotton or Recycled Poly. 
  • The factories where our garments are made run off renewable energy removing the need to power off of fossil fuels etc.
  • Our suppliers recycle any cut offs or rejected materials eliminating the possibility of it ending up in landfills 
  • All our garments arrive to you in our own personal handmade paper mailers ready to be popped straight into your green waste so it can break down and become apart of the earth once again! No plastic here..
  • With your help we are giving back to the planet by Planting one Tree for any of our T-shirts sold from our range. And helping to eliminate plastic pollution ending up in our Oceans by Removing 1kg of Ocean bound plastic for every Hoodie sold. The best part about this is all of the pledges are trackable in a real life time line so you can keep track of the progress!

JOIN the Stoked&Woke movement to a more Sustainable, Ethical future for Streetwear, check us out on Instagram and make sure to #STOKEDANDWOKE to be featured on our page.



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