2022 Recapped - Stoked&Woke Clothing

2022 Recapped

A little Re-cap of the adventure 2022 lead us on with Stoked&Woke Clothing..

Hey Team, Kane here!

Wow what an amazing year its been for us here at Stoked&Woke Clothing. A lot has happened, we hit some amazing goals in terms of our Pledges, we grew from one full time worker (myself) to a two man team and we started working with a company out sourcing printing! So here's some highlights of our 2022 year.. Hope you enjoy


  • After seeing some crazy growth during the Christmas period of 2021 I was advertising for to find an extra pair of hands! The only problem is we are located in a quite rural town in Austria with a population of only 1500 people so the odds were not in my favour. Luckily for me I have an amazing partner Lis who made the decision to move her Life back to Vils from Graz (Where she was attending University) and become the second official full time worker of S&W Clothing. This was such a life saver and it was awesome to be able to work side by side with Lis during 2022 and plan future products and designs for the brand as a Team.



  • We eventually needed more hands to help with printing over Summer as we were struggling to keep up with orders. So I connected with a really cool Team in Czech Republic who also shares the same values as we do in terms of sustainability and Eco-Friendly factors and we had our first ever batch of screen printed T-shirts arrive around May '22 which was super exciting for us.



  • As Winter drew near we got busy creating some super cool Products and we were super stoked to include our first ever Fleece and also being a big fan of sleeve printed Long Sleeves we made sure we had amongst the winter collection our first ever sleeve printed Long Sleeve Tee which has been a huge hit.



  • To finish the year on an amazing note we are proud to achieve together with your support 3.777kg of Ocean Bound Plastic collected in 7 different countries and 6,196 Mangrove Trees planted in 3 different countries! This is an amazing accomplishment that we have had the pleasure of achieving together with our amazing Community (you).




  • A BIG THANKS to everyone that supported us in 2022. We strive to always do our best in supplying you with the best products possible and will continue this into 2023. Thanks for sticking by us! ✌️🌲