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Humble beginnings and Future endeavours!

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Hey Team!

Kane here, firstly a big happy new years to you all and a big congrats for making it out of the apocalyptic year that was 2020 (and also the year your favourite Streetwear brand came into existence) 😉 

I felt since I had some time on my hands this afternoon I would put our blog section to some use and jump on here to cover a few things we achieved since we launched Mid-May last year and what we plan to achieve this year from amazing up and coming Products to continuing to support environmental Organisations working to restore or preserve our climate and beautiful nature!


Soo a few things we nailed from our humble beginnings in May 2020-


  • We committed from the very start to be Plastic free! As any of our awesome Customers would notice if you've ever received some of our Gear in the post we don't pre-package our clothing unnecessarily in a plastic envelope as most Streetwear brands do. We only package and ship the gear out in compostable packaging as we hope most of our Customers will add the mailer to their green waste so it breaks down and becomes apart of the earth once again!


  • We ensured our Garments are responsibly sourced! This means checking and ensuring children who should be enjoying their younger years aren't stuck in a factory somewhere in China sewing garments for Clothing brands. The production is ethical meaning we ensure the Staff are paid fair wages and aren't forced to work overtime.


  • We're staying Organic! We're prepared to pay that lil extra to production costs if it means our Cotton is organically grown and made. It not only creates less pollution and strain on our Environment but it's also been proven to be healthier for us and our skin so this really was a "No brainer"!


  • We donated profits and started planting Trees! Not too much else to explain there.. While other Streetwear Brands were encouraging mass consumerism over Black Friday we ran a promotion donating 100% of profits from sales to JungleKeepers, an Organisation doing their damn best to protect and preserve the lungs of our Planet the almighty Amazon Rainforest! We also decided it would be a good idea to start planting a Tree with every order we receive from you amazing people that support us.. Just don't forget supporting us means also supporting our planet and climate!


Taking Stoked&Woke Clothing into 2021-


  • The first thing We're super excited about which is currently in the works is our Headwear Collection being prepared for release in March just in time for Summer. We're currently working with an Indonesian based company who collect discarded Plastic Bottles and other various plastic packaging that's found it's way into the Ocean, process it all and manufacture Caps out of the materials created! How cool is this.. Well We think its a pretty genius idea. You can literally wear a cool looking Snapback or 5 panel hat on your head made entirely from Plastic waste!


  • We're looking to collaborate with other Organisations who are making a positive impact in our fight against Climate Change. We want to work with our Customers more and take ideas about what we can source sustainably as an alternative to a possible Un-Sustainable Product they buy.


  • We are creating a Woman's Range for summer! I know for those of you that don't like the Unisex thing, it was essential for starting the Brand by only have a limited selection of products to understand our demand. but now We're growing so quickly therefore so can our Range of sustainable Gear too! So keep your eyes peeled as We'll have something more specific for you Ladies coming in our Summer Collection.


To finish off I feel like I don't express my thanks to you guys enough, for choosing my Brand and the Ethos behind it. I feel strongly that as a collective making the right choices and setting an example for others who are apart of our lives weather it be Friends or Family we can steer our Clothing and the Fashion Industry into a more sustainable direction!


Kane (Stoked&Woke Clothing)