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Our Latest Range of Sustainable Headwear

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Hey Team,

Kane here! This latest blog post is to provide you guys with a little bit more of an in-depth look into the story behind how our latest range of Headwear is made and what it's actually made from.
I promise it's a pretty unique story behind the process from right from the start to the amazing Collection you see in our Store! The Hats are Hand-made by local Artisans in Java an Island in Indonesia. If you've ever had the pleasure to visit and explore Indo's beauty you'll confirm as I had, while the country is filled with some of the most breath taking scenery this world has to offer it also has a huge waste mis-management problem due to still being a developing country. It was heart breaking for myself and Lis a few years back while traveling through some of the more remote villages of Indonesia the devastation small communities have from plastic waste built up over years of it just being discarded without proper waste removal management in place and instead deciding the only real method to remove it once too much has accumulated is gathering it in a pile on the outskirts of the town or village and burning it which is a terrible idea for the environment and the locals health.


While searching for a supplier for Headwear to add to our Summer collection I came across a unique Company who had challenged themselves to create Caps solely from various discarded materials as a way to combat the ever growing pile of rubbish being collected within the Island. They came up with an idea to employ locals to  find discarded plastic buckets (as shown below) to break down and recycle into the beaks of the Caps. This method of combining discarded materials to create a new and super cool looking product resonated with our own ethos here at Stoked&Woke and I knew these had to be apart of our Summer collection for 2021!

So scroll down further Team and check out how they amazingly  bring together different discarded materials that would've otherwise been apart of the enormous pile of trash growing by the truck loads every day and instead can now be your awesome new Headwear for this Summer! ✌
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Recycled HDPE Plastic

We work together with local pemulung (trash-pickers) to salvage HDPE plastic buckets (among other plastic items) from landfills.

Virgin (new) HDPE is typically made from petroleum, a popular fossil fuel. Characteristically, the plastic is actually very easily recycled. Since we focus on collecting this waste and not using petroleum, we can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our brims.

After the buckets are collected, they are shredded, washed, melted, and then remolded into brims. It’s that simple.

As it is a stronger plastic, it is easily bendable and flexible, allowing you to customize the curvature of your brim and personalize it to the unique shape of your head.

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Upcycled Organic Cotton Twill

We’re proud to say that we source some of the best GOTS-certified organic cotton twill that Indonesia has to offer for the main base of our hats.

We work together with a manufacturer in Solo, Central Java, to collect their deadstock inventory (aka verified old, leftover, or over-ordered fabrics). Instead of allowing these leftover textiles to waste away in a warehouse (before they are ultimately thrown away to make room for new orders), we purchase them in an effort to divert them from ending up in landfills.

No additional energy, water, or chemical inputs necessary – just scavenging for hidden treasures buried in the basements of factories.


Upcycled Leather Scraps + Offcuts

Leather you can feel good about. If we’re being realistic, the cow and tannery businesses are not going anywhere anytime soon. In an effort to reduce the industry’s negative environmental impact, we collect leather scraps and offcuts from various leather makers in the neighboring community of Cibaduyut.

We go around to various producers of shoes, belts, jackets, purses, and all things leather. These weirdly-shaped, but high quality post-industrial scraps are perfect for us to emboss logos on.

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Upcycled Textile Offcuts

Post-industrial batik scraps and deadstock fabric sourced from internationally-renowned designer brand Danar Hadi.

Each one-of-a-kind pattern is extremely limited so every hat is unique, rare, and the last of its batch.

Sourcing deadstock fabric allows us to reuse and divert these materials from the landfill and into your wardrobe.

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Recycled Aluminum Cans

Who said that soda was only an unhealthy drink? Instead of using new metal for the buttons on the top of our baseball hats, we work with local pemulung to collect aluminum soda cans. They are first cleaned and cut open into sheets, so that buttons can be punched out of them.