A little Introduction of us.. - Stoked&Woke Clothing

A little Introduction of us..

Our first Blog Post here at Stoked&Woke to give you a bit more of an insight to who we are, how we came about and what We're all about! Hope you enjoy the read ✌





Hey Guys!

Soo.. I've been meaning to jump on here and get our very first blog post up but you've all been keeping us so busy here at STOKED&WOKE since we launched we've hardly had time.

Anyway I want to make an effort to write a new blog post at least every two weeks to keep you guys updated on up and coming products, projects we're working on within the brand and just in general things we think are important, interesting and essential to touch on as a sustainable brand!

First off in this post we would love to run you through how the brand name sparked to life and shed a little bit more light on what (STOKED&WOKE) stands for. I've always been a naturally passionate person about things I'm doing in life so I've always lived by the principles of what "STOKED" stands for and applied it as much as I can in life to date, BUT.. I honestly didn't really understand the importance of the other whole side of our brand concept, being aware (WOKE) about how our actions can directly impact that rain forest in South America or that Child living in India in such a negative way.

During a two year journey around the world I ventured through Asia, Central America, Middle East and USA which all revealed some of the most beautiful places on Earth, but to see them also struggle with so much Pollution, Poverty and Corruption I felt challenged to either ignore what I've seen or do something about it and challenge myself to find an industry that is a leading contributor to pollution and try and improve it!

So far We've committed to only using Organic Cotton which is a huge step towards conserving one of our most important resources FRESH WATER (organic cotton requires 90% Less water to grow than UN-organic Cotton) and eliminating the use of chemical pollutants in cotton farming soils. We've banned plastics from DAY ONE, sending our products only in compostable wrapping so when it arrives the bag can break down in your green waste and become a natural part of our earth again!

IN the future we plan to start sourcing garments made from recyclable materials (like our shopping bag), to begin donating certain amounts of our profits to environmental organisations and in general trying to grow with you guys as a team based on the morals of "CREATING STOKE" in life weather it be hiking through the beautiful Austrian alps or shredding some waves in Portugal all the while trying to be as friendly to our beautiful mother nature and "STAYING WOKE".

So to finish off I would like to give a huge warm welcome to all of you that have embraced the brand so far, this is just the beginning and we can't wait to have you all join the team working towards a positively sustainable future! 🌎🤙