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Organic Cotton VS Non Organic Cotton.. What's really the difference?

A brief insight of the negative impacts caused by Non-Organic cotton and the benefits of sticking to Organic only. Enjoy guys!
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Hey Team, 

For this weeks Blog post I wanted to touch on the important differences behind Organic and Non-Organic Cotton. I want to keep this one short and sweet for you guys and just touch on the main benefits you'll find in Organic cotton from environmental factors to your own health so here we go!..


Non Organic Cotton

  • Requires 2,700 LITRES of water to grow enough cotton for JUST one T-shirt (to put this in perspective that's almost three years of drinking water for one person)
  • Uses 16% of the worlds insecticides annually (chemicals to keep crop damaging insects away) this causes millions of Animal deaths a year from being exposed to the poisonous substance.
  • Non-organic Cotton has been directly related to skin allergies caused by the chemicals still existing in the clothing fibers, many people reported a significant improvement in their skin condition when switched to Organic cotton.
  • Pollution caused by the chemicals used on Non-organic cotton crops is frighteningly overwhelming, Non-organic cotton has even been Labeled "The dirtiest crop" to exist. Chemicals used find their way into the farms Soil ruining natural fertility, they also find their way into water-ways in close proximity to farms causing problems in rivers natural Eco-systems.

Organic Cotton

  • When a farm grows only Organic cotton the soil has the ability to retain more water as it hasn't been damaged by the constant exposure to chemicals, this makes it easier for the crops to be rain-fed as the rain water can absorb into the soil easier naturally feeding the plants. All this leads to an estimated 90% less water required to grow Organic cotton.
  • Health benefits are one of my personal favorites, Wearing Organic cotton means the garment is free from any chemical residue left in the cotton itself which can last long after purchased. When we wear something and expel body heat our pores open in our skin allowing anything that can be trapped in the garment fibers to absorb into our skin which we all know is the largest organ of the body, wearing organic will provide optimum skin health!
  • Pollution levels drop by almost 50% for Global Warming, 70% Less water pollution AND 62% Less energy demand (electricity)  
The benefits are endless from increased skin health, Farm Eco-system quality to less negative impacts on our beautiful environment AND everything in between. The sad part is only 1% of the international production of cotton is Organic. So when you buy from us or any other brand committed to providing at the least organic cotton in their products be proud of the fact you're not just supporting that business but the beautiful world we live in!