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Have you ever thought about getting a reusable water bottle?

Whether you are going on vacation, to work or just about your daily life, there are many reasons why you should ditch your single-use plastic water bottle now and start carrying one of our reusable stainless-steel water bottles.

We have compiled the 4 most compelling reasons and benefits for carrying one of our reusable stainless-steel water bottles everywhere you go. So sit back, relax and….keep hydrating I guess 😉


1. Reduce Plastic Waste
We have all seen one or many single use plastic bottles discarded on mountains, forests, washed up on beaches or even in our own gardens. They are everywhere and still, we produce billions more each year. Even recycled plastic waste can only be used a certain amount of times before it turns into microplastic. (Ohhh don’t get me started on microplastic)
Most of the plastic waste, especially single use plastic bottles, therefore ends up in landfills or the ocean where it pollutes the water and harms our turtle, fish and dolphin friends.

2. To protect yourself from toxic chemicals
So plastic free bottles are not only free of, well… plastic, but also chemicals that can leach into our drinking water. I guess plastic bottles may be okay to use when new, but they are definitely not cool when refilling them over and over again or letting them lay around in the sun. disposable bottles leach toxins when they become old, damaged or exposed to hot temperatures. Nowadays, most people know to avoid the mysterious BPA (not too sure what it actually is), but many people are still unaware that most plastic water bottles still leach significant amounts of micro plastic into your water.

3. To save some serious MONEY (and back pain)
Water from the tap does not just taste way better but is actually way cheaper than buying bottled water every day (Students will know what I am talking about). Think about it. A stainless-steel water bottle can be, with the correct care, a onetime investment and almost serve you a lifetime. If you compare this to buying bottled water every day. Its not only your wallet that suffers but also your back since you must carry it home from the shop and get rid of it after.

4. Lets face it….They just look way cooler
I know, I know for some people, style might not be important. But lets be real, you'll probably agree that reusable water bottles from your favourite brand with a unique prints is much cooler than a transparent plastic bottle with a flimsy label.


So what ever your reason is for breaking off the relationship with single use plastic bottles, just know that our planet, our ocean friends, your wallet and especially your back will really thank you for that responsible and smart decision 😊

Hi, its me, your stainless-steel travel, work or adventure buddy. I am your perfect daily companion since I am not just super lightweight but also free of the evil BPA plus you can refill me as many times as you want. You can clip me on your backpack and bring me along on the bike, hiking or climbing. I am super robust, a little bang won’t hurt me, promise.
Why I am better than a plastic bottle:

  • BPA-Free
  • super light weight
  • robust and durable
  • Leak free

Just make sure you give me a good rinse before you use me the first time. You can just use a bit of dish soap and warm water. Once a week I like to be cleaned with a bottle brush if you have one. I also do not mind the dishwasher. My lid is made out of bamboo, so please be careful and do not put it in the dishwasher.

Cool addition:
You can even give me an individual touch by putting some or all of the “Eco warrior” stickers on me and show the world that you care ;)