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Let's talk about our new Rebel Jacket!

Hey Team, Kane here. So I thought it'd be a good idea to write a bit about our up and coming and first ever Jacket so you can get to know a bit more about it and how we found it when testing it on Adventures and just as a casual wind breaker to wear around Town and in the City. So if you'd like to get to know it a bit more and see if it's something you need to add to your collection then read on!

Firstly let's cover what you'll find as the main features of the Jacket and then we'll go over our experience with it's performance..



  • Regular fit
  • Pullover zip-up hooded windbreaker, rubber headphone patch, adjustable elastic drawcord at hem, 2 side pockets
  • Light weight, 90g / 2.6oz
  • 100% recycled polyester rip-stop
  • Water resistant, UPF 50, plastic tooth YKK zip, invisible zips at pockets, double sided puller on front pouch zip, metal tipped tonal drawcord, packable


Okay now you've gotten to know the main features of the Jacket let's go over a few of them.

-Firstly we found the sizing to be very Unisex fitting so Lis wears a size Small and is 175cm and I wore a size Large and am 182cm.

-The fact that its made entirely from recycled materials is the main appeal to us! It's becoming more evident every day that we need to make some serious changes in the fashion industry to minimize our carbon footprint and general pollution created. Any new Jacket made from virgin Polyester contributes to the on going demand for oil and fossil fuels as its the main ingredient to the materials creation BUT if we choose to instead use the abundance of discarded polyester out there and upcycle it into a new product then we feel strongly that this is the ultimate path for the future of the fashion industry.

-We found the Hood and zip up super useful for when it's just a bit colder and we wanted to trap in that extra heat by simply pulling it over and zipping it right up to conceal our body heat.

-We've definitely put its water resistant ability to the test and can say with confidence it performs great! I've worn my Rebel Jacket on multiple occasions out on a good 40min walk with our dog Bella in at times pretty heavy rain and was surprised at how dry I remained once home and had taken the Jacket off! So the water and wind resistant side of the Jacket definitely met our standard and don't forget we have more of a regular rapid change in weather living here in the Alps!

-And lastly the fact that it self packs into the center pocket is super handy when out on the Bike or heading up a Mountain and you prefer to keep as compact as possible then the rebel jacket will definitely become your best friend taking up minimal space in the Backpack and as soon as you need it with that forever changing of weather throwing it on to keep you dry, and free from the wind chill!


That's about it guys, my review overall is it's become a great addition to my Jacket collection and I'm sure you'll be super stoked with the quality and durability of the rebel jacket once you grab and try one for yourself! 🤙