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Plant a Tree with us!

A Brief post about our latest partnership with OneTreePlanted, why and how you're doing amazing things by planting a Tree for FREE with your purchase and also why Trees are an important part to our environments survival. Have a read I guarantee some of the quick facts will blow your mind!

Hey guys, since starting our recent partnership with "OneTreePlanted" I thought I'd get on our blog and write up a brief post on how it works and why we think it is a great decision to implement planting a Tree for every order you guys make with us! We also know a few other brands are doing this and we think its awesome, if every Clothing brand donated a small portion of their profits for planting Trees we would have a much better chance at fighting the climate crisis which is a very real threat to everything living on this beautiful Planet. 

Also I think we can all agree there is no such thing as too many Trees right!

To plant a tree with Stoked&Woke Clothing all you have to do is place and order with us. Once your payment is received we then send on a portion of the profits to OneTreePlanted to then use for planting a tree on your behalf! You'll also recieve a little Thank-you for planting a Tree card with your order. 

This way you officially plant a Tree, reduce your carbon footprint and actively help provide clean air to our environment! 

Below I have listed a few great reasons on how your planted Tree positively impacts our environment..

  • The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, that's MORE THAN all international flights and maritime shipping combined. If that doesn't blow your mind I'm not sure what will. Therefore, planting a Tree is a good way to combat those emissions caused by non sustainable producers in the fashion industry. Since we love this approach an think there can't be enough trees anyways, we will plant a Tree for you for FREE when purchasing Clothing from us. 


  • The Worlds forests absorb a third of global emissions every year which is great news, BUT in order to keep this up we need to preserve our forests which are rapidly being cleared for agriculture and burnt down from wild fires. In order to keep the balance it's necessary that organisations such as "OneTreePlanted" exist and  work day and night to keep our forests also known as "green lungs" breathing.


  • A mature Tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a whole year. Trees are important for not only producing clean oxygen required for us to be able to breathe BUT they also act as a filtration system for floating carbons in our atmosphere. They absorb and store the carbon in their wood and release oxygen in return so we can breath that fresh crisp Mountain air we all know and LOVE.


These are just a few of the reasons that helped us realize planting a Tree for every purchase is a great idea. Since the brand is founded on and follows the mission of a sustainable future that protects our Planet, the People and Animals on it, implementing one of the most effective ways to combat climate change seemed like a no brainer to us. 

With every purchase you are part of the change and the solution to save and protect our beautiful Planet we call home!